Arafat As Mini Desert Masyar Potret

Arafat is a desert that is located about 25 km east of the city of Mecca.

The shape of sand and rock that vast and uninhabited hills, surrounded by a stone in the shape of a half circle. Every Hajj ahead of the 9th Dzulhijjah Arafat arriving Muslims from all over the world to perform the wuquf. Pilgrims have performed the wuquf uncountable since slipping the Sun 9th Dzulhijjah until dawn the 10th Dzulhijjah.
Wuquf was exiled or delivering yourself onto a stage replica of Padang to judgement.A proverbial how future humans are collected in the judgement in the formation lining up waiting for the turn to head who by Allah SWT. Wuquf is an example, as a warning to humanity of divine truth.


Wuquf also is the culmination of the Hajj should be carried out in the field of ‘ Arafah and should be the 9th Dzulhijah. The Prophet said, ‘ Haji was present at Arafat. Whoever comes on the eve of the 10th Dzulhijah before dawn, he was still getting the ‘ Hajj.

At the time we wuquf prepared for worship, prayer, remembrance, prayer. We need to do some introspection, contemplation, considering how much weight your own reward and how did the weight of the sins we have done so far. We need to ask forgiveness and to say a prayer to God Almighty, because prayers are being answered by the wuquf will of Allah SWT.

The field of ‘ Arafah is about 3.5 x 3.5 km2. For the convenience of worship, by the Government of Saudi Arabia this area already equipped with sophisticated infrastructure with wide paved path and overgrown trees. In the middle section of the site there are the pillars of water as high as electricity poles at the Summit there is a small sprayer which can give off water vapor. Every year when the pilgrims were wuquf pillars that water is turned on. The sprayed water vapor it becomes cool and comfortable so that the risk of heat stroke affected Congregation (sunburn) can be reduced.
Wuquf in ‘ Arafah is Hajj moments that matter most. We need to pay attention to a wide range of preparation and orderly wuquf:
a. Pray much because Arafat promised as an efficacious place to pray.
b. Do not kill animals and don’t also say porn and slouchy.
c. Multiply remembrance and prayer to God Almighty.
d. Asks forgiveness to God Almighty over the sins that had been made.
e. Water problems are often a great deal, because water is not proportional to the number of the congregation who came at the same time. We need to set up the water in the packaging. The point is if there is a water crisis could be used for ablution.
f. Maintaining health with attention to eating, drinking and consuming vitamins increase power.
g. Maintain an atmosphere of silence and to always wuquf session now ‘.

The virtue of ‘ Arafah is mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet, ‘ the most important Prayer is a prayer on the day of ‘ Arafah ‘. In another narration the Prophet said, ‘there’s not a day that most God determines the release of his servant of hell unless the day of Arafat ‘.
In the desert, there is a rock called Jabal Rahmah. At the top of the hill there is a white stone monument was built in memory of the event is very important for the human race, that is a very emotional meeting between two human ancestors, Adam and Eve after come down from heaven and separated by God Almighty for the past 200 years.

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