Meningitis Vaccine For Umrah, Why is it important?

For those who will depart for Hajj and ‘ Umrah, then the conditions must satisfy is should get the syringe vaccine meningitis.

This has become a condition of the Government of Saudi Arabia since 2002.

vaccine meningitis for umrah

The Ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made him a staple in terms of granting a visa for the country which sends all of the Hajj and Umrah even labor will go to Arabia won’t escape from this policy.

The following will be discussed about the diseases meningitis and why until the Government of Saudi Arabia requires pilgrims to Mecca and to inject the vaccine.

Facts About The Disease of Meningitis

Meningitis is a disease of inflammation of the brain membrane.

A disease that occurs in meningitis, namely membranes (membrane) that line the brain and good nerves.

Meningitis can be caused by many different organisms such as viruses, bacteria, or fungus that spreads get into the blood and moved into the fluid of the brain.

When the worship at the Holy land we will get together with the people of all countries, including worshipers who became endemic disease meningitis such as United States, Africa, stretching from Senegal in the West to Ethiopia in the East (the country is home to approximately 300 million people), and Australia is an area that includes the endemic meningitis.

Disease meningitis epidemic in the United States, he once even because of a pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts that have been identified as contaminated medicines.

A result of this disease is can cause brain damage, hearing loss, and learning disorders.

The number of victims of meningitis in America recorded reached a total of 254 people, with 20 of them died.

From the above facts, it is not strange if the Government of Saudi Arabia requires a meningitis vaccine syringe for pilgrims to Mecca and who will serve in the Holy land.

Administering these vaccines will have a 2-year immunity period so that when next year will implement the ‘ Umrah again need not perform syringe vaccine meningitis.

So articles about vaccine meningitis for Umrah, may be useful.

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