How To Prepare for Hajj and Umrah

Before leaving for Hajj and Umrah course we have to find out how to prepare for Hajj and Umrah. Preparation is important because we will go to Saudi Arab countries that have different languages ​​and cultures. The better our preparation, hopefully more help we can serve well in the Holy Land later. Regarding how the preparation before leaving for Hajj or Umrah, at least there are two things we have to prepare:

1) Physical preparation

2) Spiritual preparation

Come to discuss one by one:

how to prepare for hajj/umrah

Physical preparation

Hajj and Umrah are performed worship in Saudi Arabia. To be able to get there, we have to get on a plane. There are several flights from major cities in our country directly to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. But did not rule out the possibility we have to transit to another country, after it had in Jeddah. Of course, it requires excellent energy because it is not rare to have to wait for flights at airports within a few hours.

After that, in a series of Hajj and Umrah, all also requires excellent physical because we had to go around Ka’aba seven times (Tawaf), small run between Al Safa and Al Marwa 7 times (Sai), outside the range of Hajj and Umrah because we want to worship in Mecca and Medina, most of the time we will be using to pray in Al Haram Mosque and Nabawi Mosque. While the hotel where we stay, we’ll use only four to sleep and eat. Most pilgrims Hajj or Umrah is a person who already elderly, which of course physical already weak. Therefore, it is necessary physical preparation before departing. Here are some of the physical preparation that can be done:

1. Run, walk or do other sports activities every morning to train the body fitness.

2. Familiarize take a multivitamin to keep the immune system. Usually, the body needs a multivitamin in order to keep fit and healthy during activities that require a lot of energy.

3. Especially for young people aged 50 years and below who would have better physical than the elderly, there is a good idea to help friends who had elderly in worship hajj or Umrah. Many of the pilgrims are in addition to elderly also have limited knowledge, for instance can not use the elevators etc. Hopefully by helping them will help us perfect Hajj or Umrah.

4. If necessary, can ask to see a doctor to get a referral health that is better suited to our conditions, including medications that need to be taken to the holy land.

Spiritual preparation

In addition to physical preparation, of course, is no less important that is prepared is a spiritual preparation before leaving for Hajj and Umrah. Here are some preparation to do:

1. Straighten the intention hajj and Umrah for Allah, not because they want to be popular or because they want to travel. When it comes to heart intention other than to worship Allah, then immediately multiply the reading istigfar.

2. Give up the money that we spend on the cost of Hajj and Umrah with ikhlash. To perform Hajj and Umrah requires considerable cost. All of it must be replaced by Allah with bigger and better.

3. Confess all mistakes ever done. We are of course difficult to remember the things that have been done in the past, whether or not to hurt people, therefore better if before leaving for Hajj or Umrah we apologize especially to the father, mother, relatives and close neighbors.

4. Learn to know the religious laws regarding the Hajj or Umrah, for example a ban-ban during ihram, how to pray on the way, how to tayamum, how do Sunna prayer and Adab (ethical) interaction fellow Muslims.

5. Pay off debt, and looking for sources of funding which is permitted to be used for the cost of Hajj or Umrah. Including the cost of preparing for a family that we leave our dependents.

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6. Maintain the practice of Fardh and the Sunna, because one indication of Hajj and Umrah Mabroor is not lagging behind in terms of faith and the Sunna.

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