How To Perform Umrah Step By Step

The procedure and sequence umrah begins with taking the intention of Umrah.

To take the intention of Ihram (start Umrah) should not be in any place, must be in places that are provided. Here are Miqot-miqot to take the intention of Ihram:


1.Bir ali, for the people of Medina or people who come through.

2. Al Juhafah, for the people of Sham, Egypt, the Maghreb or who come through

3. Cornell Manazil, for Najed population, or people who start ihram from there.

4. Yalamlam, for the people of Yemen or the people who come through.

5. Dzat icing, is milked for the people of Iraq and the who come through.

In these places the Umrah pilgrims already have to wear ihram and will together chanting intention Umrah. Usually it will be guided by the supervisor Umrah (mutawif). Prayer intentions Umrah is as follows:

Labbaika Allohumma Umrotan

the meaning:

I fulfill your call to perform Umrah

After from miqot, immediately toward masjidil al haram. On the way to Masjidil al haram recommended to multiply the reading of Talbiyah, as proof we have welcomed the call of God to perform Umrah.

talbiyah untuk haji

Labbaika Allohumma labbaik, labbaika laa syariika laka labbaik, innal hamda wan ni’mata laka walmulka laa syariikalak.

After arriving at Masjidil al haram, enter with right foot first and read due (prayer) as follows:

dua for entering masjidil al haramAllohumma antas salaam, wa minkas salaam, wa ilaika ya uudus salaam, fahaiyyina rabbanaa bissalaam, wa adkhilnal jannata daaras salaam, ta baarakta rabbana wa ta aalaita ya dzaljalaali wal ikraam. Allohummaf tahli abwaaba rahmatika.

Bismillahi walhamdulilahi washlaatu was salaamu alaa rasuulillah.

Then start Tawaf in Baitulloh with 7 times around the Ka’aba. Tawaf initial boundary starts from Hajar aswad is marked with a green light.

Tawaf meaning is felt seen Allah, Allah heard and together with Allah in every circumstance.

During Tawaf from Al Hajaru Al Aswad to Pillar of Yamani (corner of Yemen) reads due:

doa hajr aswad

Subhanallahi walhamdu lillahi wa laa ilaaha illahu wallahu akbar, walaa haula walaa quwwatta illa billahil alliyyil adhiem.

From Pillar of Yamani (corner of Yemen) to Al Hajaru Al Aswad reads due:

Dua in Pillars of yamani

Rabbana atinaa fiddunyaa hasanah, wa fil akhirati hasanah wa qinaa adzaa bannaar. Wa Adkhilnal jannata ma’ al abraari yaa aziizu ya ghafaaru yaa rabbal aalamiin.

The series next Umrah is Sai.

Sai is done from the point of al safa towards al Marwah (counted one time) and from Marwah back to Safa counted once. Everything counted seven times round, Sai starts from al Safa and will end up in Al Marwah.

Meaning sai is keep yourself to not get out of the limits of Allah, as the story of Siti Hajar who left the prophet ibrahim execute the command of Allah, although thirst still remember the message the prophet ibrahim to remain in the al haram Mosque complex illegitimate despite whatever happens. At the peak of difficulty, finally came the aid of Allah be filled blessed Zamzam water.

After Sai, then do a halg or tagsir  meaning a shaving of the hair.  ahalg or tagsir  meaning is to remove all the dirty mind (negative) because everything comes from the mind.

After a halg or tagsir mean we have finished umrah.

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May Allah accept our umrah and be Umrah Mabroor

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