How To Apply For Umrah Visa From UK

1. One form authorized and appropriately finished from the candidate.

2.Two passport- photographs.

3.The passport legitimate for at checklist six months and ought to be so as.

4. Visa Application ought to be handled just via a Hajj & Umra visa solutions brokers (outlined on consular area)

5. Pilgrims should have their immunization at least five times before travelling

6. Kids aged over and twelve months and touring on the guardian is passport should have their picture recommended from the authority involved and attached towards the passport. Their picture should also be attached towards the form.

7. All women ought to be accompanied the spouse by a Mohram, dad, dad, adult boy, brother. The associated Mohram should be at least 17 yrs old.

8. All low-British passport cases should have resided in the united kingdom.

how to apply for umrah visa from uk

Important Notes

1. Assortment of passports pm until until 3.00pm for 2.00pm.

2. Last evening for approval of Umra form may be the 15th of Ramadan. For Hajj visas, approval of programs may begin on the 15th of Shawwal and also the last evening for approval of programs may be the 25th of Dhu’l-Qaeda prior to the Hejirah diary. Please examine the rules at every season’s beginning.

3. Credit credibility begins from the issue’s day.

4. Please complete the shape in block capitals, black ink.

5. Umrah visas are given totally free.


Pilgrims artists are requested to not get into cards, Saudi Arabia any images or published substance of the governmental character or for propaganda reasons. They ought to likewise regard traditions, laws and the guidelines of Saudi Arabia. (Source)

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