December Umrah Packages

Umrah is worship that could be implemented at any time in addition to hajj season.

Usually there are 2 options Umrah that is much favored: Umrah in Ramadan and December Umrah packages. Umrah in Ramadan favored because it has the same reward virtue of the pilgrimage. Of course it does not mean then removing the obligation on the hajj, but in terms of value or reward arguably balanced. The second interesting option is the December Umrah packages. Why many are interested in December Umrah packages because at the end of the year people usually do afterthought the journey of life that have been undertaken over the past year. Surely these reflections will be better when done in the Holy Land where the situation is conducive to worship.

December umrah packages

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Second, because the end of the year is the time for a holiday, so while carrying out umroh end of the year would be very nice if we could go on vacation also with the family in the holy land. Holy land for the believer is like hometown, so go to the holy land is like going back to our old village that has been left behind. See grandeur Kaaba where 24-hour people never stop doing Tawaf, we will realize that this is where the real center of the entire universe is governed. Many crimes are happening around the world, but as long as people are still doing Tawaf Baitullah will be counterbalanced ugliness that happened. Mentioned in a hadith that marks the end of time is the one who ruined Baitulloh so that people will stop doing Tawaf.

Usually the end of the year people also sets targets for the coming year and praying that what aspired before can come true. Surely there is no place in this earth who beat pray in Baitullah. Prayer in the Masjidil al Haram (Al Haram Mosque) is better 100.00 times of prayer in the mosque at any place on earth. Means praying in Masjidil al Haram also has 100,000 times better value.

We wish to implement our intent Umrah end of the year can be granted by Allah swt.

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