Benefits Of Performing Umrah In Ramadan

Perform Umrah in Ramadan is one umrah packages are much in demand. As we know that Umrah have a very high virtue, especially when done in the month of Ramadan. Of course primacy will be doubled. Here are the words of the prophet Muhammad about the benefits of performing Umrah in Ramadan:

benefits of performing umrah in ramadan

Benefits of doing umrah during ramadan

If Ramadan arrives, do Umrah because it is worth the pilgrimage (The hajj) (Bukhari & Muslim)

In Muslim lafadz mentioned:

Umrah in Ramadan equivalent to Hajj (Muslim no 1256)

In lafadz Bukhari mentioned:

Indeed Umrah in Ramadan like pilgrimage with me (Bukhari no 1863)

Umrah in Ramadan has a value equal to Hajj

There is one interesting question related to the hadith the prophet Muhammad above, namely, what is the Umrah in Ramadan has a value equal to Hajj?

For more details, let’s see the story behind the prophetic hadith above.

Once when the prophet asked one woman anshar, “why do not you join the hajj with us?

Then the Ansar woman answered. We only have two camels. Camels are one worn by her husband and son to go on pilgrimage. Whereas the other camels used to irrigate the garden.

Then the prophet Muhammad gives suggested as hadith above;

If the coming month of Ramadan does Umrah because Umrah in Ramadan equivalent to Hajj with me.

Regarding the value of the Ramadan Umrah in Ramadan equal with Hajj there is some disagreement among scholars as follows:

1. The benefits specifically for Ansar women above. Scholars who argue such is Said bin Jubair, one of the scholars Successors who was a disciple of Ibn Abbas.

2. The second opinion said in a statement this primacy applies to people who are already intending Hajj but could not carry it out. Then he replaces with performing Umrah in Ramadan accordance with the above hadith.

3. The third opinion says this applies generally, to all Muslims. According to scholars who argue this say that the opinion that this is specifically for people who already intending Hajj but was not able to implement it later replaced with Umrah during Ramadan is not correct. Because people who already have a strong intention Hajj but is unable to carry out his will and was then Allah will give him a reward as those who practice it and do not need to be replaced with a particular charity. But if you want to get the reward of Hajj along with the Prophet so he could perform Umrah in Ramadan.

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