The Speciality Gate Of Kaaba

The Kaaba is the central activity of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims in the Holy land. He is doing the rounds that the Kaaba was done to glorify the name of God Almighty.

Kaaba has two doors, but the doors always used exit sign in the Kaaba is located next to the black stone. The door of the Kaaba is made from pure gold for a total carat weight of 99 reaches 280 pounds. The value of the price of the door 14,420,000 riyals.

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The distance from the floor of the door during tawaf 2.25 m. Whereas, the length of the door reaches 3.06 meters and its width 1.68 meters. In the course of its history, the Kaaba has been fickle good shapes, joints, as well as a raw material.
The present door was a gift from Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia. Some scholars argue law went into the Ka’aba is the Sunnah. The reason is, it used to be during the conquest of Mecca, the Prophet also goes into the Kaaba.

The Prophet also said, “who walked into the House means he goes into goodness, out of evil, and gets forgiveness.” (Narrated by Al-Tabaraani narrated from Ibn ‘ Abbas). When you sign in to the Ka’bah, Prophet keep adab with read Takbeer, tasbih, tahmid, tahlil, prayer, and forgiveness.

Currently, it is hardly possible for the pilgrims to enter the Kaaba door is always locked. However, the Prophet gave an example. When one day Aisyah r.ha, his wife, want to get into the Kaaba, the Prophet told him to pray in Hijr Isma’il Isma’il. The Prophet said, “If you want to enter, go to the Hijr Ismail because he was part of the Kaaba.

The Prophet’s Word, useful to facilitate the people entering the Kaaba and avoid negative consequences because of the scramble to get into the Kaaba. Hijr Ismail, who is located in the North can also be an option because the first entry into the Foundation of Ka’bah

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