Interesting Facts About Hajj

There are many interesting facts about the hajj, primarily the fact that a substance or a message the hajj. In every command of God contains a lot of benefit and blessing for people who can understand it. There are several lessons that can only be understood by a few people, but there are also lessons to be understood by many people. Likewise with regard to the Hajj, the hajj is essentially a series of picture of the human journey after death. Here is a brief description of it:

interesting facts about hajj

1. When will Hajj then as people who travel a lot would have to say goodbye to his family. Family course will usher him to the bus or plane that will take her to the holy land. The family only drove us up here, then we will get together with other pilgrims. This is a picture when human died, the family (and what we have) will come ashore to the tomb alone, after which they will return home. Which accompanies us only deeds which we have done, whether good or bad deeds. Good deeds will always help us in this long journey. Otherwise, bad deeds will be difficult for us. When we perform the hajj if there were not pleasant remember this because our bad deeds that we do when in the world.

2. On this pilgrimage we will still face many tests such as check passport, visa, and other things. This picture of the future we will also have a lot of checks by the angels of all our actions.

3. The Hajj clothing (ihram) that we wear remind us on the second shroud that wraps the body when the body dies. All the luxuries that we pursue in life in the world, essentially everything will culminate in two white cloths only.

4. After that we when entering Mecca Mukaramah like getting into the grave. Mecca is Darul Aman (house of safe), but because of bad deeds, we should feel scared in a safe place even we do not get security.

5. Seeing the Kabah remind us when looking at the house of Al Malik on the Day of Judgment.

6. Tawaf in Baitullah as Tawaf of angels in Throne, where they always Tawaf there.

7. Sai between Al Safa and Al Marwah reminded when we ran to and fro in the mashyar. When we are there we will be running around in fear and asked Intercessory to the prophets, but they are none who are able to provide assistance. Until finally we come to the prophet Muhammad that will help us. Fortunately, we as people of the prophet Muhammad as it will help us in a full day’s riot.

8. Meadow Arafat is exactly the picture with picture meadow Masyhar. Humans are all gathered in a very arid desert under the blazing sun is very hot in a state of grace hope Allah.

9. Regarding the gathering of human beings in Muzdalifah, Mina and so on, while the crowd gathered, different languages ​​and each running behind leaders will remind everyone scenery will run behind every prophet and leader of each on the Day of Judgment.

Here’s an interesting fact about the Hajj the form of wisdom or message the hajj, hopefully when when we perform the pilgrimage, our memories can be up to date with the facts or the picture above so that our lives can change for the better after Hajj

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