How To Perform Hajj Step By Step

About how to perform Hajj step by step, barely there are 3 ways: Hajj Al-Qiran, Al-Ifrad and Al-Tammatu.

In fact, these three terms differ only in the case of any technical process, especially the merger between the Hajj and Umrah. For more details on the following issues will be explained the similarities and differences in the Hajj and Umrah.

how to perform hajj step by stepEquation Between Hajj and Umrah
– Hajj and Umrah equally performed in a state of wear ihram
– Begins with taking intentions in miqot
– Umrah Called the small Hajj, means what is done during the Umrah rituals such as tawaf, sai,  a halq or taqsir  worked well when perform the hajj plus coupled with other rituals.

Difference Between Hajj and Umrah
– All Umrah rituals such as tawaf, sai and taqsir  quite done in Al Haram Mosque complex, while for The Hajj all the rituals of Umrah coupled with standing at Arafat, staying overnight in Muzdalifah, throwing Jamarat in Mina while overnight a few days.
– Hajj can only be done once a year, because the hajj core was standing at Arafat on the 9th Dzulhijah. While Umrah can be done anytime, even many, many times in a day can be.

Understanding the Hajj Al-Qiran, Al-Ifrad and Al-Tammatu

Hajj Al-Qiran
In language Qiran means incorporating something else. Whereas according to the terms, Hajj Al-Qiran means someone wearing Ihram for Umrah and Hajj. So when doing Hajj Al-Qiran, simply perform tawaf one time, one time sai, and one taqsir  not need 2 times and has been calculated perform Hajj and Umrah well. What should be done only when the intention to say, intend to do two at once in a single worship ritual.

Hajj Al-Ifrad
Off-road literally means to make something alone or separate something that merges into their own. Whereas in terms of Hajj, the Hajj Al-fraud is just doing The Hajj without Umrah or if also perform Umrah can do so after completing the Hajj circuit.

Hajj Al-Tammatu
Tammatu literally means to have fun. While the term Hajj, Hajj Al-tammatu means the person who went to the Holy Land in hajj season , then intends to perform Umrah, once completed later lived in Mecca for fun while waiting for the day of Arafah, then perform the Hajj rituals.

10 Steps How To Perform Hajj

1. If you do Hajj Al-ifrad or Al-Qiran then should wear ihram from miqot that you are going through. If you live in the area after miqot then start ihram from your residence with the intention of Hajj that you want. And if you do Hajj Al-tammatu, then start Ihram for Umrah from miqot you are going through and Ihram for Hajj from where you live on the eighth day of Tarwiyah which Dzulhijah month. wash and wear perfume in advance if possible, then wear your ihram.

2. Then out towards mina, do Dhuhr prayer, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and subh prayer there, by the way qashar (shortening) the four cycles (dhuhur, asr, Isha) into two cycles at each time without in jama (combining)

3. When the sun had risen on the ninth day of Dhu al-Hijjah, then went to Arafat with calm and avoid not to disturb fellow pilgrims. and in Arafat did dhuhur and Asr with jamak taqdim and Qasar with one adhan and 2 iqomat and make sure that you really have to be within the limit of Arafah

4. When the sun has set, then went towards Muzdalifah quietly while reading Talbiyah. Arriving at Muzdalifah, do pray Maghrib and Isyak with jama and Qasar. Should settle there until you perform the Subh prayer and the day seemed to light. after Subh prayer, multiply prayer and remembrance with facing with qiblah and raised both hands to follow sunah of prophet.

5. After that departed before sunrise towards mina while reading Talbiyah. for pilgrims who have aged and infirm allowed to depart, leaving Muzdalifah towards mina after the midnight. And pick up the seeds in Muzdalifah seven small stones to throw jumrah Aqabah.

6. If’ve got Mina, then do the following things;
a. Throw jumrah Aqabah, which is the nearest jumrah of Mecca premises seven small stones in a row while reading takbir each throw.
b. Slaughter of the animal’s dam, if you are obliged to do so. And eat mostly meat and four-share it most of the others to the poor.
c. Shave your hair shorter and better when clean. Whereas for women simply by cutting the ends of the hair along the fingertips.

7. Then departed towards Mecca and do tawaf ifadhah, after it did Sai if you do Hajj Al-Tammatu. If you Al-ifrad or Al-Qiran and have done  sai after tawaf Qudum, then after tawaf ifadhah you do not need to do sai again.

8. After doing tawaf ifadhah and sai on nahar day, return to the mina. camped there on day three days tasyriq night that night eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth and not why you hurry to leave Mina on the twelfth day (early Nafar).

9. Throw third jumrah during you settle for two or three days in Mina after the sun slipped, starting from jumrah ula (first) that is furthest away from Mecca, then jumrah Wustha (middle) and last jumrah Aqabah,  each of jumrah thrown by 7 small stone in sequence reciting takbeer at every throw. After throwing jumrah ula and Wustha recommended you to stand for a moment with facing the Qiblah, raising his hands while praying to Allah, whatever you want.

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10. And if you want to return back to their respective countries after doing all practice series Hajj, then do Tawaf Wada. And no excuse to leave Tawaf Wada except for women who menstruation and childbirth.

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