Hajj Mabroor Meaning and How To Get It

People who perform Hajj or Umrah, of course, hope he does Hajj and Umrah accepted by Allah.

We do not know where we worship accepted by Allah. If indeed there is one thing that makes Allah like it would be enough as a means of our salvation in this world and hereafter. Likewise, we hope when performing Hajj and Umrah we hope it can be accepted by Allah and become Hajj and Umrah Mabroor.

hajj and umrah mabroor, how to get it

Hajj Mabroor Meaning

In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah, he said that the Prophet Muhammad said:

There is no reward for Hajj Mabroor except heaven (Mustafaq Allah, Miskat)

In the above hadith has been explained about the virtues of Hajj Mabroor. Some scholars say that the Hajj mabroor is the hajj therein no immoral acts. Hajj Mabroor called also Hajj Maqbool, when the Hajj is done by keeping the adab (ethical) and the terms and no errors are made insha Allah Hajj will be accepted.

How To Get Hajj  Mabroor

In a hadith narrated by Jabir mentioned that the goodness of The Hajj situated in giving food to others and friendly talk.

In another hadith narrated when the prophet speaks that there is no reward for Hajj Mabroor except heaven, they asked him, “what is the Hajj Mabroor?

Prophet Muhammad replied give food to others and spread the greeting.

From both the above hadith can be concluded that the rituals of the Hajj are rituals are performed by many people. Therefore, to be able to get the Hajj Mabroor besides running all of the terms and pillars of Hajj and leave the ban during ihram, it is also important to note the honor of fellow Muslims not to quarrel or said words that offend fellow Muslims. Lot pilgrims who are elderly and frail, therefore, younger pilgrims should help them to complete the Hajj wellness. Also highly recommended for many alms, especially for the native inhabitants of Mecca and Medina to get the blessing of the pilgrimage.

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In connection with the Umrah, umrah also called small Hajj means reward, blessing and so forth are obtained when the Hajj also be obtained when the Umrah with slightly reduced.

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