About Hajj For Kids

Some people when perform hajj brought along their young children.

The question is how the law of the hajj of the child, whether when an adult he was obliged hajj again?

about hajj for children

To answer this question in the book Riyadhus Shalihin, Imam Nawawi brought a hadith of Ibn Abbas, Prophet Muhammad met a group in Rauha and asked, “Who are you. They will say we are Muslims. So they asked,”And who are you? The Prophet said I am Muhammad Rasulullah. Then there was a woman raised her son as he asked, “whether the child is legitimate Hajj? The Prophet replied, Yes and reward you (and for you there is also a reward) (Muslim)

Based on the hadith above, some conclusion can be taken as follows:

1. That the Hajj performed by children is legitimate, although not tamyiz (not able to distinguish between good and bad).

2. The parents will be rewarded for helping the child hajj as said in the above hadith, “and there is also a reward for you.

3. Regarding whether later when an adult child should repeat Hajj. On this there is a difference of opinion of the scholars. The first opinion said that based on the above hadith, the hajj for children is legitimate because it is not necessary to repeat the perform hajj when adult. The second opinion said that the child must repeat his Hajj as adults because there is another hadith which was also narrated by Ibn Abbas, Rasululllah said, “anyone kid Hajj, then he is an adult. He still has other obligation of hajj. Likewise slave pilgrimage than when he is free he still has other obligations of Hajj. (Ibn Abi Abi Shaybah, Al Baihaqi)

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