Who Built The Kaaba First?

Kaaba is the place of human beings around the world before him when carrying out prayers.

While attending the Hajj or ‘ Umrah, then we will pray right in front of the Kaaba.

Who Built The Kaaba First

There are several opinions about construction of the Kaaba. According to an opinion that first built the Kabah is the angels 2000 years before the creation of Adam.

Other accounts say that the construction of a second time, because the first one was built by Alloh with power.

Another history says that the building is the first Prophet Adam from five stones namely Libnan, tyrosine, Thur, Zita, guardian Hira. After the Prophet Adam to build the foundations of the Kaaba was then handed down from the sky and put on top of it.

When Adams’ death or great flood while Noah, the Kaaba was reinstated into the sky.

Then the Kaaba was rebuilt again on his Prophet Ibrahim. After the Prophet Ibrahim builds the Kaaba basic then Alloh called Abraham to call all humanity to visit The Kaaba for performing Hajj and Umrah.

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