What Is Umrah?

Many Muslims know that the Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, but few know what is Umrah. Indeed pilgrimage to Baitulloh there are two kinds, the first is called Hajj done 9-13 of Dzulhijah. In addition to 5 days, Muslims can make a pilgrimage to Baitulloh by performing umrah. And this is the great gift of Allah to the believers, who wish to worship in Baitulloh.

Law of Umrah

Although according to the majority of scholars, Umrah is the Sunna, but there are also some scholars who argue Umrah is Fard (obligatory) . Here is the law of Umrah according to the scholars:
1. Imam Abu Hanifa and Malik priest rah.a argued Umrah is sunna. According to Imam Abu Hanifa lifetime least perform Umrah one time is Sunna muakadah. It is a popular opinion, because there are also scholars Hanafiah argued Umrah is Fardh (obligatory) and others argue Fardh kifayah
2. According to Syafei priest and Ahmad priest rah.a Umrah is Fard (obligatory). Therefore, at least in his life one should never perform Umrah one time, for those who can afford.

Virtue of Umrah

In the Qur’an and hadith, many explains the virtues to perform Umrah. Here are some of them:
A. Quran verses:

Wa atimmul hajja wal umrotta lillah
And complete the Hajj and Umrah for Allah Almighty (QS. Al-Baqarah: 196)

The word “complete” in this verse indicates a wide variety of intentions in the Hajj and Umrah. While including the intention to trade or work that is permitted by Allah, as informed in the verses afterwards. But, when the ritual of Hajj and Umrah already started, everything must align the intent to worship only Allah.

B. Hadith the prophet:

1. It was narrated from Amr ibn Abasah ra, he said Rasululloh said, “the main thing is hajj Mabroor or Umrah Mabroor (Ahmad, Thabrani)

Allah commands very much and as a believer, wherever possible, we can carry out all the commands of Allah. How, do first major charity, insha Allah another charity we can do. As a mother hen and chicks, if we catch the mother, the chicks are all definitely going to join us.

2. From Abu Hurairah, he said that Rasululloh said, “Umrah to next Umrah become sin in between (Mustafaq Allah, Misykat)
After performing Umrah to next Umrah, how many mistakes and sin committed will be forgiven.
Having emigrated to Medina, prophets only one time doing the Hajj, but he did so Umrah four times. One of which he could not perfected because the idolaters of Mecca do not allow him to enter Mecca. At that time it was decided to postpone Umrah and the following year performed Umrah again.

3. From Abu Hurairah, he said that the Prophet said, “jihad for old people, weak people and women are Hajj and Umrah (nasai, Attarghib)

Aisyah never asked Rasulullah whether jihad is also obligatory for women?

Rasulullah answer jihad Fard (obligatory) for women there is no war in it, namely Hajj and Umrah (Attarghib).

Someone said to the Rasulullah, “I am very timid and unable to fight the enemy.

The prophet replied,” will I show you the jihad that no fighting in it?

The man said, “let’s say.

Rasululloh said,” Hajj and Umrah (Durrul Mantsur)

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