Umrah Clothes For Men And Women + How Packing Supplies Umrah

Umrah pilgrims men and women would have to set up equipment that must be taken during the pilgrimage was in the Holy Land.

Umrah Clothes For Men And Women

Here’s a suggestion Umrah equipment for men and women.

Supplies Umrah for men:

1. Pants 2 PCs

2. Clothes piety 2 PCs

3. Gloves 2 PCs

4. ihram clothes and belt.

Ihram clothes and belt is usually provided by the bureau Umrah when we already pay off, so no need to buy again.

5. T-shirt 2 or 3 PCs.

Bring enough shirts for 2 or 3 pieces, but with a note after use can be immediately washed himself. But if lazy to wash the T-shirt which can carry more.

6. Jacket 1 PC.

Useful jacket against the cold, especially when we are waiting for a flight at the airport its international AC very cold

7. Shaver.

8. Sandal 1 pair

9. Purposes toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels)

10. medicine is suitable.

Bring medicine commonly used for mild disease that usually attacks such as cough medicine, flu and headaches, liniment (eucalyptus, oil, wind, etc.)

Supplies Umrah for Women:

1 Clothes daily 3 PCs

2. Praying clothes 2 PC

3.  Gloves, open palms 2 PCs

4. Socks

5. Ihram

6. Nightdress

7. Purposes toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, shampoos, perfume)

8. Medicine suitable. The same as the above explanation.

Clothes and equipment Umrah above is standard for pilgrimage purposes implemented.

Each person can prepare Umrah supplies more than shown above if it is less.

How Packing Supplies Umrah

When we have paid off payment of fees Umrah, then we will be given 3 bags comprising trolley bag, small bag and passport bag.

Passport bag we wear it will continue.

This bag later for a place to store passport and air tickets and also mild medications or ointments or wind oil that we use when traveling.

These bags can also be filled booklet / notepad and pen for those who may be used to write. This little bag could also be filled-small prayer book or guidebook Umrah we got for us to read and read while waiting for a flight.

While small bag handy for the ihram when it will take the intention of Ihram and also for a place to put dirty clothes. So later the small bag can be put in a bag trolley.

Here is just a handy way of packing supplies Umrah:

Small Bag please enter it into the trolley bag. After the above can put umra equipment as stated above. Here are some important notes about packing supplies Umrah:

1. Do not forget to give us your name and address on the third bag above so as not to be confused with the others considering all bag the same color and type.

Note No. 2-4 for the usual fly by plane must know the rules of flight. Unusual for the following flight rules that you should follow:

2. All kinds of knives, razor blades are made of metal and other sharp weapons such as nail clippers, scissors inserted in the trolley bag, do not put in the bag passport.

3. All types of liquids / gels that are larger than or above 100ml such as toothpaste, perfume, shampoo, liquid soap, hair oil is best incorporated into the trolley bag.

4. The baggage maximum load is 20kg / person. Excess baggage will be subject to fines. Excess baggage is usually the case because there is additional souvenirs Umrah.

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