Muslim Pilgrimage To Mecca and Medina

When performing Hajj and Umrah in the holy land, we do not only perform Hajj and Umrah rituals, but there are other things that are not less important is the Muslim pilgrimage (Ziyarah) to 2 important cities of Islam are Mecca and Medina.


What is pilgrimage?

According to Wikipedia pilgrimage is a journey or search of a moral or spiritual significance. Usually the places visited was the birthplace of saints or a spiritual awakening. The man himself, according to Islam comes from the soil, and soil properties are easy to follow the surrounding conditions. If the soil in contact with the heat, then it will harden, and vice versa if the rain then it will soften. Therefore recommended in Islam to strive to be in good places that will evoke the spirit of goodness that exist in the body. Likewise significance to visit important cities in Islam is Mecca and Medina is awaken the spiritual values ​​that exist in the soul.

Mecca and Medina, holiest city in Islam

If talks about al haram or holy city for the Islamic religion of our minds immediately drawn to the city of Mecca and Medina. Why Mecca and Medina called the holy city? Because there is al masjid -al haram and Al masjid an-Nabawi, 2 mosques which become the main symbol of Islam to worship Allah. Al masjid al haram which there Ka’aba is a whole human being to face when praying. Not valid for prayers that do not face him. Besides other places in Mecca to be visited by pilgrims, among others, are Jabal (mountain) Tsur, Jabal (mountain) nur , Jabal (mountain) Rahmah, meadow Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina.

Jabal Tsur is the peak of the mountain there is a cave Tsur. At cave Tsur prophet Muhammad hiding with fuel ash from the pursuit of unbelievers Quraysh when Hijra from Mecca to Medina.

Jabal Nur is the peak of the mountain there is a cave Hiro. At cave Hiro prophet Muhammad received revelations from Allah the first time.

Jabal Rahmah is a small hill which became a meeting place for the prophet adam and eve after descending from heaven. They met at the top of this hill after hundreds of years separated by Allah.

Meadow Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina is a an implementation of the Hajj ritual. For those who only perform Umrah usually will visit this place just to know and have a strong desire to perform Hajj in the year ahead.

While in Medina there is Al Masjid a-Nabawi (Nabawi mosque) which is a symbol of the struggle and the spread of Islam. After the hijra to Medina, the Prophet Muhammad to build Al masjid a Nabawi place of worship and regulate the spread of Islam throughout the world. Besides Al Masjid a-Nabawi (Nabawi mosque), in Medina there is the tomb of the Prophet and friends. There are also Raudhah place between pulpit prophet and the prophet rooms are now becoming a prophet’s tomb. Raudhah is the gardens of paradise, where if we pray here, our prayers will be easily granted by Allah. Other historic sites in the Medina to be visited is Jabal (mountain) Uhud, Masjid Al-Quba (Quba Mosque) and Masjid Al-qiblatain (Al-qiblatain Mosque).

Jabal Uhud is the location of the battle of Uhud. Quba Mosque is the first Mosque built prophet when hijra in Medina.  In the hadith narrated whoever purification of his house and then to the Quba Mosque and pray 2 rakaat, then the reward is the same as the Umrah (tirmidzy). While Qiblatain mosque is a mosque that has 2 qibla. This mosque Allah lowers revealed to the prophet Muhammad in order to change the Qibla of Baitul Maqdis (Palestine) turned to face Baitil harm (Mecca).

Get the blessing of visiting the city of Mecca and Medina

To be able to get the blessing of the city, then when visiting the city of Mecca and Medina there adab(ethical) we must guard. A word to the wise saying:

Who is keeping the adab, it would be facilitated keep the sunna. Who is keeping the sunna will be facilitated maintain the Fardh. And who can keep the faith (mandatory) will be facilitated in keeping religion.

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One of the criteria for Hajj and Umrah Mabroor is when the implement can, keep the good deeds that the sunna and the fardh and can also keep adab. One Adab highly recommended when visiting the city of Medina is a lot to read Shalawat to the Prophet Muhammad. This article is only an introduction, in the next article will be discussed more clearly about the virtues of the city of Mecca and Medina and adab (ethical) when visiting the holy city.

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