Knowing Primacy City Of Medina

There are differences of opinion which must be done first, perform Umrah in Mecca or to Medina to visit / pilgrimage to the tomb of the prophet Muhammad.

Some Umrah travel agency chose the former, but not a few who choose to travel to Medina first. Of course we as Umrah pilgrims will join the travel agency Umrah, but if this is something important pleasing it is used as a reference in selecting bureau Umrah trip.

knowing primacy city of medina

One of the doors of the nabawi mosque

There 2 things, why the visit in the city of Medina is important to do:

1) To make a pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

A hadith says of Abdullah Ibn Umar, the prophet Muhammad said who visited me after I die, equal with the visit when I lived (Thabrani, Daruqutni, Baihaqi).

Of course, when we are born, the prophet Muhammad was not with us anymore. To visit to the tomb of prophet Muhammad means tantamount to religious visit to him while still alive according to the above hadith.

As a believer of course has to have the desire to meet him, although the only religious visit to the grave. , May we belong to the people who got the intercession of the prophet in Yaumil end.

2) Getting the blessing of the city of Medina.
Allah chose the city of Medina as a place to live the prophet Muhammad because the virtue that exist within the city. By knowing the virtues hopefully we can keep manners while in town Medina Munawarah.

The following hadith about the virtues of the Medina:

Jabir bin Samurah ra said I heard the prophet muhammad said Allah named Madinah with Thabah name (Muslim). in another narration, Madinah named Thaibah. Meaning is the same, namely the sacred and good, Medina free of shirk, water and air is very good according to human nature. Some scholars say the meaning of Thaibah is populated good people.

Qadi Iyad, a said Medina is a revelation, the place decline Quran, down of the angels Gabriel and Michael.  The public squares always filled with remembrance and prayer. Soil and dust on the body of the prophet muhammad. From there, how many sunnah scattered . There are many places full of virtue, blessing and goodness. Medina is where the establishment and functioning the prophet muhammad. So it is fitting if the soil Medina Munawarah glorified, fragrance kissed and kissed the walls.

Some places in the city of Medina, which be visited by pilgrims hajj and umrah are as follows:

1. Masjid Nabawi. The mosque is a gathering place Rasululloh and his companions in regulating Islamic religious broadcasting. From this is mosue, islam could eventually spread to all world.

2. Raudhah is ideally located between Rosululloh room with Nabawi mosque pulpit. However Rosululloh room has now become his tomb. Raudhah is one of those places that when we pray there will be granted. Therefore when visit to Nabawi mosque we are encouraged go to this place and pray two rak’ahs and pray in this place.

3. Tomb of Baqi. Tomb of Baqi is the graveyard in Medina that has existed since the days of ignorance. In the place, the sons and daughters of the prophet Muhammad was buried such as Ibrahim, Fatima, Zainab, Ummu Kulsum and Ruqayah.

4. Jabal Uqud. Jabal Uqud or mountain Uqud is the location of the battle of Uhud.

5. Qiblatain Mosque. Are mosques that have 2 Qibla. In the mosque Allah lowers revelation to the Prophet Muhammad to change the Qibla prayer of Baitul maqdis (Palestine) to the Baitul Haram (Mecca).

6. Masjid Quba. Quba Mosque is the first mosque built by Prophet after the migration to Medina. In a Hadith narrated whoever purification at home and then towards the Quba mosque and prayer two rak’ahs then the reward is the same as the Umrah (Tirmidzi).

This is an article about the primacy of the city of Medina, Hopefully we can become Hajj and Umrah Mabroor.

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