Kaaba, The Station Of Abraham and Hijr Ismail

When carrying out Tawaf, a series Hajj and Umrah, then we’ll go around Kaaba for 7 times.

Tawaf begins and ends at the corner of Hajr Aswad counted one time. Then we need to know the parts kaaba so do not be confused when conducting worship tawaf. Here’s a picture Kaaba and explanation below:

parts of kaaba

Part of the kaaba

No. 1: Al Hajaru Al Aswad is a stone that comes from heaven. According to a history of the Angel Gabriel, who brought him from heaven and handed to the Prophet Abraham, and he put it on the east corner of the Kabah with a height of 1.10 m from the floor Tawaf and surrounded by a pure silver frame to guard it. In a hadith it is said that a prophet shallow alaihi WA sallam has kissed it and also the previous prophets, it is recommended for those who perform Tawaf to kiss or touch it with your hands or with something. If it can not, waving at him while saying takbir.

No. 2: Door Kaaba

N0 3:  Gutter. Gutter is located in the northern part of the attic Kaaba, in front of Hijr Ismail. Usefulness of guttering is to discharge water in the attic Kaaba when it rains.

No. 4: Syadzarwan.

Syadzarwan is slanted rocks on the wall under Kaaba from three sides. A history of saying that Abdullah bin Zubair built with the aim to prevent water seepage into the Kaaba and prevents people who perform Tawaf weight attached to kiswah Kaaba being damaged

No. 5 Hijr Ismail: Hijr Ismail shape half circle with a height of 1.3 m and a width of 1.5 m and a length of 8.5 m kaaba wall. Called Hijr Ismail because in this place, prophet Abraham left prophet Ismail with Siti Hajar when executing the command of Allah.

At 606 m when the tribe of Quraish restores the Kaaba, they lack the funds to be able to establish the size of the original Kaaba. They reduce the length of the wall to the north, so Hijr increasingly widespread.

Among His glory is prayer in it equally with prayer in the Ka’aba.

Prayers in Hijr is a stand-alone Sunna. In a sense there is no connection with the Tawaf or Umrah or Hajj. So, if you want to pray in Hijr Ismail did when free time while on haram Mosque complex.

No. 6: Multazam. Multazam is a place recommended for attaching the chest, hands and cheeks in place. It is located between the door and the Hajr Aswad Kabah width of approximately 2 meters.

Multazam is one of the places where if we pray there will easily be granted.. Narrated from Ibn Abbas that he heard the Prophet Muhammad said between Al Hajar al Aswad and door Kaaba called Multazam, any person who pressed the hand, cheek or cast in place and begged Allah surely Allah will grant his dues.

No. 7: The station of Abraham. The station of Abraham is stone brought from heaven by the angel Gabriel to the prophet Abraham that he was standing on top of it in the construction of Ka’aba. When Prophet Abraham stood over her feet sank into it with a depth of 10 cm, 22 cm long and 11 cm wide. After completion of building the Kaaba, Abraham returned to stand on it to call people for Hajj and Umrah as God commands.

No. 8: Corner of Al Hajaru Al Aswad is Kaaba corner where Al Hajaru Aswad (the Black Stone) is located.

No. 9: Pillars of Yamani or Corner of Yemen (south west) is the southern corner Kaaba built on a foundation of Abraham. Among His glory is to wipe away sin is narrated by Ibn Umar that the Prophet Muhammad said, “actually wipe Al hajaru al Aswad and Corner of Yemen away sins in earnest.

No. 10: Pillars Syami or corner of Syami is in the northern corner  Kaaba.

No. 11: pillars Iraqi or Corner of Iraqi.

No. 12: Kiswah. Kiswah is a cloth used to cover the Kaaba and Kaaba has 2 kiswah ie outside and inside. Kaaba kiswah now replaced with a new one every year on the 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah (the day of Arafah)

N0. 13: corner to start the first Tawaf

N0.14: The station of Gabriel

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