How To Do Ziyarat In Medina

How to do Ziyarat in Madina is one science that should be possessed by the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. By having this knowledge, hopefully when we visit in the city of Medina there is wisdom and blessings are obtained.

How to perform ziyarat in medina

Nabawi Mosque

What is ziyarat?

Ziyarat or ziyarah is an Arabic term which literally means”visit” and is used to refer to a form of two sites associated with Muhammad (his family members and descendants, his companions) and other venerated figures such as the prophet, Sufi saints, and Islamic scholars.¬†Sites of the pilgrimage include mosques, graves, battlefields, mountains, and caves.

How To Do Ziyarat in Medina

Allah has chosen the city of Medina as place, migration of prophet Muhammad necessarily because of the virtue that there is in this city. Medina called Medina Al-Munawarah means a luminous city, there is also a mention of the Medina with a Medina an Nabawiyah or town prophet. The 2 term may be used, but if you want to give another word to characterize Medina then Medina An Nabawiyah more precise than Medina Al Munawarah for several reasons:

(1) Nabawiyah is a word that distinguishes between a prophet city with other cities. While Munawarah (shining city) there are many other cities that also shines like the city of Mecca, as well as any area where people embraced Islam then the area will also shine, as the word of Allah:

O mankind! verily there hath come to you a convincing proof from your Lord: For we have sent unto you a light (that is) manifest. ( A-Nisa: 174)

(2) The second reason is Madina An Nabawiyah word is widely used in Salafus sale (the righteous ones), while Medina al Munawarah not been disclosed by the righteous ones.

Here is how to perform ziyarat in Medina briefly abstracted so easy to understand:

1. Maintain the intention is only to Allah, do not be arrogant because it can get to town prophet, do not seek popularity, and things that can damage the worship.

2. Specifically recommended many read salawat to the prophet Muhammad by full concentration. There is a scholar who said that in addition to the obligatory work and to enhance the purposes, should the entire time used to read salawat. More we read salawat, more rewards will be obtained. Ibn Hajar in the book Manasik of Imam Nawawi wrote that multiply salawat in this journey is the most important. Like Friday night where we are encouraged to read salawat than other deeds, as well when we are traveling to the city of Medina. Should read salawat takes precedence over the others.

3. Fostering the spirit and passion. Getting closer to the Medina, should further enhance the feeling of passion and longing. Sometimes to cultivate a longing to read poetry, praise, or read a history book of the Prophet. The closer to Medina should be increasing the flavor and longing. After that, when it had reached the hotel, usually hotel for pilgrims and Umrah near the Nabawi mosque can go straight to their rooms which have been determined by Umrah travel agencies. If then after the break and want to Nabawi mosque attempted to shower first, wear new clothes and wear perfume.

4. Some scholars write charity, although little is included manners. IE before entering the mosque should be charitable.

Ibn Hajar Rah.a wrote that the sunnah is a charity, though a bit and given to residents of the Medina is more mainstream. However, if there is more need in addition to the people of Medina should take precedence.

5. After entering the mosque, if it is not time yet obligatory prayers, should first go to Raudhah is somewhere between the pulpit and the tomb of the prophet rasululloh. Named Raudhah because Rosululloh say somewhere between the pulpit and the grave is a garden paradise. Raudhah means garden. After reaching the first Raudhah should tahiyatul mosque prayers. To distinguish the areas that have been entered Raudhah can be seen from the color of the carpet greenish / bluish different from other carpet. When here we should wait queue because of limited space while the pilgrims who want to pray and pray in this place very much. Usually by Askar / officers will be installed barrier surrounding the Raudhah to maintain order were willing to pray in this place. when we’ve been in raudah, do pray takhiyatul mosque and pray two cycles compact. Then leave towards the prophet Muhammad’s tomb.

6. The prophet’s tomb is located adjacent to the tomb of Abu Bakr and Umar Ibn khatttab. Here, close to the exit and the queue at this place is usually not too long. In this place we first say greetings to the prophet Muhammad, with a greeting like this:

Assallamu Alaika ayyuhan nabiyyu rahmatullohi wa wa barokatuh

After that, pray to Allah in order to get Safaat prophet in Yaumil end. After it immediately to the grave of Abu Bakr and Umar bin khatab. Say greetings and please if you want to pray too.

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7. When will leave the city of Medina, recommended to Sunnah prayers for parting and more mainstream done in Raudhah. After it should go to the tomb of the prophet, after salawat and greetings should pray that Hajj and Umrah are performed accepted by Allah, for safety and health, and can be visiting this city in the future.

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