6 Tips That Can Be Done During 1 Week Umrah Package

In carrying out the pilgrimage, there are some tips you can do to reach the perfection of worship that we do.

Here are 6 tips that can be done to reach Umrah mabroor:

6 tips 1 week umrah package

1. Make a good preparation before leaving for umrah.

There are 2 preparation we have to do, the physical preparation and preparation practices.  Physical preparation by exercising and eating nutritious foods. While the practice of preparation is as follows:

a. Keeping prayers at the mosque.

When umrah, most of the time will be a lot of us use in the Haram and Nabawi mosque, whereas only used the hotel to sleep and eat. If the home has been accustomed to the mosque, certainly in the holy land we would not be surprised if you have to commute to Al Masjid al Haram or the Prophet’s Mosque.

b. Improving the practice sunnah and read the Quran.

Because most of the time we will use in the Al Haram and Masjid Nabawi, then of course we are going to fill it with the sunnah deeds, such as prayer rawatib, Duha prayer, prayer tahajud, witr prayer and included reading the Quran.

c. Multiply blessings to Prophet Muhammad

II. Knowing virtues of Umrah

1. Allah Almighty says:

wa atimmul hajja wall  umrotta lillah

Meaning: And complete the Hajj or Umrah in the service of Allah (Al-Baqarah: 196)

The word ‘complete’ in this verse indicates there are a variety of intentions in the Hajj and Umrah for example the intention to trade or employment is permitted by God, as stated in the verses afterwards.

But when the rites of Hajj and Umrah already started, everything has to be straightened out with the intention to worship Allah.

2. Hadith of the Prophet

a. Dari amr bin abasah, he said that the Prophet Muhammad said, “Charity is the most important Mabroor Hajj or Umrah Mabroor (Ahmad, Tabarani)

As people of faith, wherever possible, we carry out all the commands of God. The key is to do the main thing first, God willing, other actions that we can do. As a mother hen and chicks, if we catch the mother then the chicks will all definitely be coming with us.

b. From the ashes Hurairah, he said that the nabi muhammad saw said: “Umrah to Umrah one another into kafarah (sin done) between them. (Hr Mustafaq Alaih, Mishkat)

After performing Umrah to Umrah next, seberapun sins and mistakes that we do will be forgiven by Allah swt.
After the Hijrah, the Prophet only one performing the pilgrimage, but he did Umrah four times. one of which could not be completed because the idolaters of Mecca did not allow him to enter Mecca. At that time it was decided to postpone the new Umrah and next year rasulloh perform Umrah again perfectly.

III. Keeping etiquette during a visit in the city of Mecca and Medina

When visiting the city of Mecca and Medina try to always keep the etiquette, either when traveling or in al-Masjid al Nabawi mosque haram or. etiquette will bring us in the perfection of pilgrimage we do. for example, when in the haram Mosque we will meet with various countries, both men and women. at this point try to keep the eyes to look at something that is not right.

IV. Maintain Honor in attaining virtue of umrah

God has set some obligations and encouraged to perform a variety of acts sunnah. However, God will not accept deeds sunnah people who neglect the practice obligatory (fard).

It is sometimes not recognized by the pilgrims and Umrah, like kiss Hajar aswad is sunnah, while maintaining the honor of Muslims is obligatory (fard). Therefore, in the solid state does not have to force yourself to kiss the Black Stone in order not to harm other Muslims.
It is enough for you to give cues to the Hajar Aswad while bertakbir.

V. Drinking Zamzam water as much as possible (to settle)

The Prophet Muhammad said that the differences are believers and hypocrites is that they do not drink Zamzam water until full (only a little)

For it is cultivated at any time if there is a chance it is recommended to drink Zamzam water as much as possible (to settle)

From jabir r.a, I heard the nabi muhamad saying with any intention of zam-zam water to drink will succeed (Ibn Majah)

To that after drinking Zamzam water until satisfied (satisfied) pray about anything (good intent world and the Hereafter)

VI. Many charity and spread greetings

Scholars say Hajj mabroor is the hajj therein not contained immoral acts.

Not a few scholars who called Hajj mabroor with accepted Hajj maqbool , which means when done by keeping the manners and the conditions and in it there are no mistakes made then Insha Allah Hajj will be accepted. Umrah mabroor definition approximately equal to Hajj mabroor.

In a hadith narrated by jabir ra, stated that the goodness Hajj lies in giving other people eating and talking friendly.
A friend asked what is the meaning Rasululloh mabrur Hajj.

He answered feed and spread the greeting (kanzul Ummal)

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