Dua For Drinking Zamzam

Zam zam water are unique springs in the whole.

Although taken by millions of people but Zamzam well is never dry. Imagine pilgrims hajj every year approximately 2 million people. and everyone came home with 5 liters of Zamzam water, which means 10 million liters of water taken. Not to mention the water needs of the pilgrims hajj and Umrah during worship in the holy land of Mecca and also the needs of the population.

Zamzam Water Content

Having studied in Saudi Arabia and in Europe Zamzam water containing chloride that can kill germs. Besides that Zamzam water also contains magnesium and calcium are more than plain water. Both of these substances that make the water of Zamzam provide a refreshing effect for those who drink it.

Zam zam water taste also did not change from time to time. It shows the composition contained in it also never changes. Another surprising thing is the absence of moss in the well of Zamzam so that Zamzam water is always free of germs.

Hadiths about zam zam water privilege

From Ibn Abbas he said the prophet Muhammad said, “The best water on earth is the water of Zamzam. In it there is a glut of food and no cure for the disease.

And from radhiyallohu Jabir anhu, that the Prophet shallow alaihi WA sallam said, “Zamzam water is in accordance with the objectives drink.

In another hadith mentioned when drinking Zamzam water to quench thirst, the thirst will be lost. If taken to eliminate hunger, the hunger will disappear. And when taken by people who are sick, the disease will be cured. At one time Prophet Muhammad once said, ‘Our differences and hypocrites is that they do not drink Zamzam water to the full (very little).

Therefore, while we are on holy ground in which to drink Zamzam water we do not need to buy, at every opportunity try to drink Zamzam water, to drink a lot. While waiting in prayer, or tired after worship at Al Masjidil Al Haram and Mosque Nabawi , always a time to drink Zamzam water. At the Nabawi mosque and the Al Masjidil Al Haram also provided Zamzam water to drink pilgrims. While outside the mosque, also provide tap tap drink. However, there Zamzam water, there is not (drinking water). To distinguish them, see the writing, whether Zam Zam or drinking water.

Dua when drinking Zamzam water:

dua for drinking zam zam

O Allah, I ask You for beneficial knowledge, plentiful provision, and cure from all diseases.

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